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Pack your picnic basket and head up to one of many picnics located around Durban. Our key picnic site is situated in Berea, the Durban Botanic Gardens is currently the oldest surviving botanic garden on the African continent and is Durban’s oldest public institution. Developed in 1849 as a botanic station for the trial of agricultural crops, the Gardens has progressed as part of a network of botanic gardens internationally to focus on core areas of biodiversity, education, heritage, research, horticultural excellence and green innovation.

As well as being an enjoyable day out in the warm Durban weather, the Gardens also feature music concerts on a regular basis. Visitors can either bring along their own picnics or purchase food at the venue.

70 St Thomas Road, Durban, 4001, KwaZulu Natal
+27 (0)31 201-1303 or +27 (0)31 309-1170
From 07h30-17h15 during 16 April to 15 September, and from 07h30-17h45 during 16 September to 15 April


KwaMuhle Museum

Once the headquarters of the City’s infamous Native Administration Department, KwaMuhle now hosts permanent and temporary exhibitions with a major exhibition entitled “the Durban System”.

KwaMuhle is one amongst many museums that are located in the city of Durban. Other attractions include the Mkhumbane Gallery, the Courtyard with a sculpture “the shadows of the past”, a “community mural” as well as the “muti garden”. Visit, Mahatma Gandhi settlement, Mxenge Museum, Mandela Voting site at Ohlange and may more that will keep your day full.

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