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Durban’s rickshaw men are a familiar sight on the Golden Mile

Colourfully clad in their beaded or hand sewn costumes and impressively horned headgear. They’re also among the strongest and toughest people you’ll meet. They rise at 5am seven days a week and ply their back-breaking trade until 5pm, transporting tourists, kids and the occasional local in their imaginatively decorated, human powered carriages.


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Fun World Amusement Park

The beachfront Amusement Park At Durban Funworld we provide safe and secure entertainment for the whole family. Park on the Marine Parade and spend the day enjoying all the fun of the Amusement Park. The Cable Car provides a scenic view of the Durban beachfront while the older kids can have fun on the Breakdance

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Moses Mabhida Stadium

Enjoy the beautiful Durban views aboard a ride on the Sky Car, if you feel adventurous you can do the 550steps adventure walk to the top of the Moses Mabhida Stadium Arch.

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Ricksha Bus City Tour

Hop aboard the Ricksha Bus for a scenic overview of a range of Durban’s major attractions. There are two ricksha bus tours a day, seven days a week.