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Into Durban by Air

There are a number of ways of flying into our city of Durban from where ever you are in the world, mostly with one connection. Emirates airline connecting from Dubai directly Durban is one of the most popular routes. Our national carrier South African Airway is also one trusted way of flying into Durban connecting through Johannesburg. There are other many flights connecting into Durban such as Ethiopian Airlines, British Airways and many others you can visit you trusted travel booking site of or searching and you are guaranteed to get a flight into Durban. 

Domestically, almost all domestic budget airlines flying into the city these are all worth it considering that Durban is only approximately 45 minutes flying from Johannesburg and only 2 hours from Cape Town.

International Flight Hours
From Dubai to Durban is approximately 7 to 8 hours, from New York is about 17hours and Australia, Sydney about 17 hours including stop over, from Toronto and Los Angeles about 21 and 25  hours respectively including stop over.
Domestic Flight Hours
Durban is only approximately 45 minutes flying from Johannesburg and only 2 hours from Cape Town.

Road Trip

In Durban we drive on the left-hand side of road, the highest speed limit on our national freeways (highways) is 120 Kilometres per hour and local areas it is about 60 kilometres per hour. Whilst an international driving is mainly preferred, some foreign drivers’ licenses are permissible, and they must have a driver’s photo and must in be issued in English.

Permissible driving age is 18 years old, but car hires may require one to a bit older at mostly 23 years old.

Distances  from Johannesburg to Durban is roughly 570 kilometres about 354 miles on the N3 Freeway and Cape Town is 1600 kilometres that’s about 997 miles driving from the N3 freeway to Bloemfontein and connecting to the N1 to Cape Town.

By Bus (Coaches)

Long distance buses are available mostly from and to Cape Town, Johannesburg and are other cities within South Africa. Main bus services are operated by Greyhound, Intercape and Translux there are other liners like City to City and other.

Travel time by Bus varies e.g. between Durban and Joburg about 6 to 8 hours, Cape Town about 16 to 18 hours.

By Train (Rail)

There is only one passenger train services Durban and Joburg which is Shosholoza Meyl, the ride by train between the 2 cities is about 15 hours.

By Boat or Cruise

Durban has of the biggest passenger Terminals in Africa and will soon be undergoing a major upgrade by the city and ports authority. Most major cruise liner dock at the Durban Nelson Mandela Cruise Terminal.

MSC Cruises operates ferry like cruise between Durban and Mozambique, Mauritius and Cape Town.

Safety Tips

Personal safety is every individuals responsibility. Please apply common sense and follow these simple rules.
  • Grasp bags firmly under your arm;
  • Don’t carry excessive sums of money on you;
  • Don’t leave valuables exposed (on a seat or the ground) while having a meal or drink;
  • Don’t let strangers get too close to you – especially people in groups.
  • Lock all your car doors;
  • Look out for pedestrians and animals on the road;
  • Never leave anything worth stealing in view when your car is unattended.
  • Only swim at designated swimming beaches, with life guards on duty – do not swim at night;
  • Do not swim after drinking alcohol;
  • Take only the bare essentials;
  • Don’t leave valuables, especially cameras, unattended;
  • Don’t carry a camera openly in the city;
  • Avoid wearing jewellery, expensive watches or designer shades;
  • If you’re accosted, remain calm and be co-operative;
  • Be extra careful at ATMS.