Eat & Dine

Durban is renowned for its diverse cuisine from all over the world, but especially for its spicy Indian curries, fish dishes and exotic meat dishes like venison, crocodile and ostrich. Durban has a wide range of restaurants, from small takeaways and sidewalk cafés to family chains and exquisite fine dining. For restaurant listings in the greater Durban area.

Where to Eat

For a trendy and cosmopolitan eating and social experience, visit Florida Road where cafés and restaurants line the sidewalks amidst buzzing art galleries and boutique shops. Feast on Italian, Chinese and Indian food, as well as sushi, fusion and seafood.

Florida Road is home to dozens of carefully preserved historic buildings, including typical Edwardian structures that are more than 100 years old. The buzz in this shopping, dining, and nightlife district starts in the early morning at the bustling sidewalk cafes and continues throughout the day at a wide range of boutiques and more than 30 eateries.

Some of Durban’s most beloved restaurants can be found on Florida Road, offering up a diverse array of cuisines, including Indian dishes like Bunny Chow (a loaf of white bread hollowed out and filled with a generous helping of curry) that Durban is famous for. After dark, the street’s bars and clubs come to life, earning Florida Road its reputation as one of Durban’s top spots for a night out. 

Take a walk up this leafy suburban road and choose from a range of restaurants serving Moroccan or Portuguese cuisine, or gourmet pizza and burgers. A coffee roaster attracts java lovers from all over Durban.

This upmarket resort area north of Durban offers a range of fine dining options, from classic and elegant restaurants to contemporary and hip eateries. There are over 70 restaurants alone at Gateway Theatre of Shopping, whilst at Chartwell Drive in Umhlanga there is a variety of excellent restaurants to choose from, offering Asian, Italian, Mexican and European food.

The nearby Oyster Box Hotel offers the finest of fine dining in its Grill Room, and a more relaxed atmosphere at its Ocean Terrace, the restaurant with arguably the best view in the greater Durban area.

Station Drive Precinct is Durban’s first urban renewal and creative district. Home to a wide range of creative businesses, studios, and craft food and beverage outlets, Station Drive hosts a monthly First Thursdays event and other community programming. 

We call it Shisanyama, some call it Braai and in some areas of the world its called Barbecue. Feast with family and friends…  A far slower culture of Shisanyama takes place at social occasions, especially family gatherings. Unlike the street-food version, meat is prepared with all the traditional trimmings, including pap (refined maize-meal porridge, similar perhaps to polenta) and tomato & onion gravy – there are many versions of this sauce, which is sometimes spiked with fresh chilli to add even more “shisa” to the Shisanyama experience.

There are a number of fashionable restaurants and taverns in and around Durban that offer exceptional Shisanyama. You can opt for a traditional fireside Shisanyama experience, or if you are in the mood to dress up for a more sophisticated occasion, minus the smoke and running mascara, you can opt to enjoy Shisanyama at one of the top-notch lounges, popular not only for their food, but for their live music. The braai’d meat is traditionally served in a communal platter, from which diners can select their favourite cuts.

Authentic Shisanyama is best enjoyed Kasi-style, amid laughter, clanking glasses and great music. It is more than mnandi (very nice), it is eish! Mnandi (amazing!).

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