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He Said, She Said, They Said

Veteran comedy writer, creator, performer, Melanie Kisten, has created a fun new premise for a high-energy, brand-new comedy / dance / drama entitled He Said, She Said, They Said about a mother and her adult son, and a town full of gossip aunties, which comes to the playTsogo Globe at Suncoast for one show only on Saturday 10 August at 8pm.


Created and produced by MKDA & Big Ammas house of Entertainment, this comedy / dance /  drama celebrates Women – in women’s month, in their true beauty, shape and form with complete divine glory.

He said, She said, They Said!” spirals into total chaos – a real twisted comedy which is the perfect recipe for disaster in this small town!!!  It is well crafted to be an electrifying nail-biting comedy coupled with suspense and exhilarating performances by the MKDA dance troupe. The production is spiced with comedy, drama and a tear jerking moral punch-line.


The production features Melanie Kisten, Desiree Kisten, Bhavanie Kisten, Krishna Subrayan, Lucian Govender, Kubeshan Kyra Kiki Naidoo and Elaine Govender.


Good to Know:

Show Date Saturday 10 August 2024

Venue: Suncoast playTsogo Globe

Time: 8pm

Tickets from R150 Via Ticketpro


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